Monday, December 28, 2009

GSC Team Building

Next is our annual activity for GSC (my dept) held on 19th Dis 2009.. last year we had our dazzling dinner.. but this year we had a dinner + fun team building.

Yg x bestnyaa.. x ramai org nk join de team building activity ni.. tinggal laa beberapa kerat jer manusia yg sporting dah bersemangat sukan mengambil bahagian dlm acara2 yg disediakan.

Only 5 games to play.. and it was a blast.. : )

Our 'Big Head' team, lead by MJ (de most front)
Cucumber Walk game - our team won this game.. yeay!
This is de most fun game - Ribbon Band Relay
I laa mak andam yg asyik buat tocang dekat model team kami ni (anak AJ)
tadaaa.. hasil yg menawan skali kekeke
Nearly win game, Hula Hoop Race.. y nearly..? sbb AJ tiba2 lari ke depan padahal kena sambung jer dari belakang.. aiyakkk..
Gorrila Walk.. sgt laa un-cool dlm picas.. huhuhu (dat's i didn put mine.. ngeh ngeh)
Position Dance yg sgt fun n kelakar
This is the teams picture.. muka2 ceria jer semua.. hehe
** next entry I citer pasal dinner lak ok..

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