Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Announcement.. Announcement...

Holaaaa..... yuhuuu peepss..

I nk buat announcement kat cni.. I ada byksss preloved items to let go.. a lot of them, i repeat.. so kalo ada yg berminat dgn me & my frens preloved items.. do visit us at facebook using this facebook page : FeyStyle ShopLot. Jgn lupa to 'Like' yerr..

Bole pilih mana2 yg berkenan dgn kadar yg rendah saja, ok.. condition adalah terbaek, berdasarkan harga yer.. so mari kitaa.... usha2.. facebook shopping.. bagus utk terapi minda wanita : )

Bole terus contact tru email : feystyleshoplot@gmail.com

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