Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 36

Dup dap dup dap dahh.. dlm hati ni.. kawan2 seangkatan geng ibu ngandung dah pun selamat melahirkan anak masing2.. Latest, Kak Nazirah on last Sunday morning.. And me.. still waiting for my turn..huhu.. Seriyesly berdebar.. tho its not the 1st time.. tp experience nya sgt laa laen.. hokey..

Dalam hati, kalo bole nk cepat jugak laa.. kaki I semakin sakit membawa berat badan yg semakin membadak nih.. Betul laa.. I sedar betapa besarnya my tummy right now.. Tp I x peduli pun sana sni org tegur how big it is.. yea yea.. I ada padang bola inside my tummy.. any problem..?? Sebab tu anak I ni aktif sgt bergerak.. dancing.. kicking.. mcm2 laa.. Tp x per.. for my own child punya comfy.. I dun mind.. pantang nanti.. kita giat usaha.. bg slim balik yea.. 

Baru2 ni kena jumpa pakar di GH due to my issue.. alhamdulillah.. kali ni punya check up semua menunjukkan +ve result.. My baby dah duduk pada posisi yg betul.. Placenta up.. Waterbag good amt.. No infection.. Doktor cakap tunggu tanda jer.. I bole bersalin.. yeayy.. I pray hard for a normal delivery too this time.. InsyaAllah..

I am at my 36 weeks ++ now..


Your baby begins to move downwards. The good news is breathlessness will lessen. The bad news is you’ll now feel uncomfortable down below – some mums say it’s as if a melon is about to fall out!

Your baby

As your baby’s head sinks into your pelvis, it becomes ‘engaged’, meaning he is set for birth, and will not be able to rise out of the pelvis to turn any more. Your midwife will check how many centimetres of your baby’s head can still be felt above the pelvis. Once nothing can be felt, your baby is fully engaged.

Be prepared

In case baby puts in an early appearance, get some things done to make the birth - and the early days - easier:

Fill the freezer with cooked meals.

  • Put petrol in the car and keep the tank topped up.
  • Fill a purse with change for parking at the hospital and for the phone.
  • Check the route to hospital.
  • Arrange for help from friends and relatives afterwards – especially when your partner goes back to work.

If you have an older child…

  • Sort out who’s going to look after them when you’re in hospital – and arrange a back-up just in case.
  • Buy a present for the older sibling ‘from the baby’ to ease jealousy problems.
  • Read your older child books about new babies.
  • After the birth, encourage your child to help by fetching nappies and so on, so they feel involved.
Source : Mothercare

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