Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Star Trek de Movie

I baru jer lepas tgk Movie Star Trek at HBO channel... x sangka best pulak citer ni.. hohohoo.. slalunya kalo I tgk de series I rasa boring sbb malas nk follow.. but not this time.. the most interesting part is to knew the character of Kapten James T. Kirk played by Chris Pine..

Bukan jer ensem.. playful but brilliant.. I loike laaahh.. hehehe... jalan citer pun sgt best... x boring sgt and a lot of action... Another part yg I suka, bila Kirk start to build his relationship with Spock played by Zachary Quinto... diorang asalnya x setuju angin, tp in future rupa2nya berkawan baik.. hahaha.. pelik jugak watak si Spock ni... dah laa x der perasaan asyik ikut logic jer.. iskk iskkk.. then baru I perasan si Zachary ni laa pemegang watak jahat si Sylar in Heroes.. no wonder I dun like him.. :p

Anyway buat Star Trek follower, I am a bit ketinggalan.. ok I admit it.. but for those yg in the same shoes with me.. sila laa tonton yer.. sgt best.. : )

Which ur fav..?

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