Friday, January 21, 2011

This is ME.. So what..???

I'm not shy to tell people I’m turning to 30 by end of this year.. yea gurls.. or shud I say yea ladies.. I suppose not to feel afraid of anything neither hating any.. age is just a number rite.. live our life to de fullest is de best thing to do.. but make sure we always be at de rite path.

My only problem with this aging issue is how should I present myself visually.. I mean.. I’m soooo into fashion.. but with this 30s goup, wearing hijab & not really model sized, there are Do’s & Don’ts that I should consider. Some more if you are living in northern area.. there are less fashionista found. Can’t project as what you really want to be, because people around u will see u as some kind of ‘Weirdo’ trying hard.. or fashion victim.. or WHAT EVER.. arghhh..

I like to be as silent reader and fan to a few groups of gals which I adore and giving sooo much of fashion inspiration.. I believe there shouldn’t be any limitations anymore.. It’s all just about ‘Me’.. I’ve got New inspiration for fashion.. tho wearing hijab, not a problem to be dominant & versatile. Why not I just be super loud with my own fashion.. I think I’m old mature enough to decide and should inspire others… rite.. there’ll be no follower if there aint’ no Leader.. so why not take de 1st step.

There’s 1 bad experience, someone telling that I was like having culture shock trying to expose myself with my very own fashion version. Seriously.. that stinky mouth don’t even knew me, so u don’t have de rite to judge me. Pity that person.. If u can’t do what I can, if u feel so envy with my personality.. just cut de crap and grew up..!!

Just a short introduction about my self.. I was used to be free hair during my gedix gals time.. very into fashion during that too.. living in city tho not too up to date like KL.. also mingle with frens whom loves to look nice every single time.. plus.. I took secretarial course during my study and of course personality development is 1 of my major course. So… am I still having culture shock here..?? Don’t judge me.. judge yourself..

Enough is Enough... Dun want this issue to spoil all my happy mood now. To turn down that EMO feelings.. let me share some of these stylish fashionista with u peeps*

This lady is soooooo beautiful.. Hana Tajima, can't take my eyes from looking at her.
I'm so excited waiting my Chiffon Scarf Snood from Maysaa (same like Hana wearing in the pic)

Aishah Amin.. this gal is sooo gorgeous.. love her style wearing hijjab covering the chest (the very right way to wear hijjab in Islam)

The scarfelets crew, Maria Elena, Ami & Adriani.. the stylist fashionista (dare to be like them..?)

Wanie & her sister, they got almost all what gals really needs & want.. so lucky kan kan..

There are lots of hijabis nowadays are moving forward into Fashion. We are not doing any wrong, just want to look more trendy, stylish & fashionable with certain limitations. So.. for me, as long I'm wearing/styling any of my clothes/hijabs the way i like and feel comfortable.. I don't have to feel shy, less confidence or waiting for someone to comment any good or harsh words. I am who I am.. and I'm fully responsible on each action, choices & decisions I made. Plus.. of course with blessing from my soulmate ok..!

This is ME..!
What I wore :
Riben Blouse : Fenda
Pants : Wide Legged Pants from Dorothy Perkins
Heels : 4inc heels from Vincci
Rose Shawl : Muslimah Boutique
Accessories : Statement Ring & bangle from Nite Market

See.. I'm willing to share the sources & how did i dress up my style.. if you fell envy with me.. just copy what ever u like from Me and suit it with your style. I really dun mind.. feel flattered actually.. In fact.. that is what I do now.. google & be fanned to those I want.. copy & suit them into 'My Style'. Things will be wrong when u're trying to be other people rather than U urself.

**But if you're full with PHD.. dun change ur dress style but change ur attitude.. dats de challenge things to do..

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