Thursday, February 5, 2009


Last nite, I had a conversation with a fren, she told me about a Person who claimed that She was 'NOT COMEL' during her baby time. But now she'd became a 'COMEL/CANTIK/SEGAK' lady (salah satu contoh ayat perasan). So she gave this statement 'If a baby look is 'COMEL' then they'll grow up as 'NOT COMEL/CANTIK/SEGAK' person. But if the baby look 'NOT COMEL', she/he'll turn up as a 'COMEL/CANTIK/SEGAK' person.. Funny haaa.. what kind of moron will think like that..??

For me 'COMEL/CANTIK' has a significant meaning..not just about the physical look but including the action, character and individual's personality. I felt it's cruel if there's people who dare to say to any baby that their look are 'NOT COMEL'. How can you say like that to these adorable creature..? No matter how the babies look, I bet all & each of their mothers out there will definitely say that their babies are 'COMEL' in their ways..

Babies are not ugly duck who'll 1day turn up to be a beautiful swan. They are the most precious Gift from Allah SWT and we are (adults) responsible to look after them. I always said to my hubby, eventho Darwisy is not the COMELEST baby in the world, but for me, he still is. As a Mother, I'm not hoping Darwisy to grow up to be 'COMEL/CANTIK/SEGAK' person in future, but I'm hoping him to be a Great Man with Big Heart.. I dun have to bother about what people's opinion because I'm his Mother and I really appreciate it.

For those people out there who still have this kind of thinking, PLS STOP..!!! If you're unhappy with your look during baby time, it doesn't mean that you can comment other babies the same.. You should be thankful actually..! The question is Are your really 'COMEL' inside & outside..??

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Lana February 5, 2009 at 4:37 PM  

all babies are comel la, tak kira hitam ke putih ke, bangsa apa pun. do i know this moron?

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