Tuesday, February 3, 2009

One Fine Day

Since Darwisy is 1year and 2mth++ rite now (just develop his walking motor), so I planned to take a photoshoot of our family.

I've made a few appointments actually with mr.photographer (Nuli) before, but due to some problems we had to postponed it, and finally on last Sunday we made the photoshoot happenned..yeay..

Tp yg menyedihkan hati..my lil' prince seams not ready yet for a session with flashing activities a lot..tambahan pulak.. he just wake up from his sweet dreams during our jurney to the park.. bebal kan...

apa laa umi and abi ni.. org nk tdo suruh possing lak... adeiii...

Tu laa.. awal2 xnak tdo.. kan dah spoil umi punya plan.. huhuhuu..
tp xleh salahkan the poor kid gak, my hubby cbok bertukang kat belakang umah.. how come he can get a good sleep in our house..(fyi, my hubby skrg tgh mengusahakan project mini zoo nya kat belakang umah kitorang..hehehe)..

Hasil tangkapan Mr.Photographer of the day..
Sesi memujuk Darwisy (bila nk happy mood ni..)
Alamak dia ngantuk lagi laa.. menguap pun mcm nk nyanyi soprano..
kuchi..kuchi.. fyi, my son ni suka sgt dgn segala bentuk jenis soft toy ok..(teddy bear is his fav esp big size)
Main kejar bola
Ni nangis bukan sebab jatuh, tp sbb xleh panjat tempat tinggi huhuhuu..
Bila x selesa mula laa cari Abi dia..anak Abi betul laa
1st time naik slide..happy jer dia kan
Ganaih budak kecik ni
Buai laju-laju..

These are some of the best moment captured by mr.photographer..need a lot of patient ok.. nk layan karenah budak kecik ni.. adeii

I rasa bley buat 1 storyboard laa kalo nk combine all those pics..
But they were all captured nicely by mr.photographer..Thanks a lot Nuli..

For those wish to contact him you can visit mnuruli.blogspot.com ok..!
He's such a nice person.. won't bite .. hehhee

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