Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ulu Paip

For those yg tinggal di sekitar Kulim, Kuala Ketil (like me) or anywhere in Kedah.. I would suggest you to come and visit this interesting place.

Actually our 1st visit is during last school holidays (end year) with my father & mother in law, sisters in law & family, also my hubby's auntie's family.. The place is kinda cool (I mean the water is really cool.. hehe) and suitable to bring your children (even babies) to this place (safe but need extra monitoring of cource)... Saja nk menghiburkan hati budak2 yg ada kat umah sementara tunggu bukak sekolah..

Enjoy the pics..
Yang penting bekalan makanan mesti ada..lepas mandi jer sure lapar gilerr..

Darwisy pantang jumpa air..

Yang besar2 ni cepat jer cari port selesa

Darwisy(boring face sbb kena stop main air) with his tok chik.. kami jalan kaki nearly 2km to the top tau...

Cantik kan..

Beauty of Nature..

So why wait more.. go and visit this place, you'll enjoy it..


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