Thursday, July 23, 2009

Problem Solving - Module 2

Yesterday, I'd attended the 2nd Module of Problem Solving Training. The topics were getting more complicated since there were so many charts involved. Luckily the speed was better than the previous training (1st module).. so we managed to control and reduced our screen saver mode.

Beginning of the training, each group dah get ready nak present our homework/project/problem statement presentation. Yoong (my grupmate) jadi presenter for that day...even x der competition aper pun, I think we did well in presenting our Project/Problem issue. Means we absorbed last week punya learning and apply them into our work.. tho byk aksi2 menguap n screen saver mode during the training.. ngeh ngeh

Settled the topic, I thought for the final presentation later i'll get ready to be the next presenter laa.. but we still got small exercise to be presented after lunch.. urghhhh.. My turn la pulak.! How I Hate 'Public Speaking'. I kan pemalu.. tho i like to captured people's attention a lot.. ngeh ngeh.

Utk menghilangkan rasa nervous .. I buat iklan Colgate dulu yer.. Smile..!!
Ni masa kena present..
x puas ati ngan trainer sbb dia bagi salah info... mula2 kata nak 'Process Flow' to show from where the problem has been detected. Then bila present dia dok question What & How is your 'Plan Chart'. Isskk.. time kami reconfirm dia nak aper.. x cakap camtu pun.. Nanti I nak bagi less point dalam trainer evaluation form baru tau..!

Patutnya kami completed the training by 3pm.. sbb Mages dah arranged besday party for our Director, Mr. Adib. Ingat kan sempat laa nak joint.. tapi si trainer ni ajak recap la apa laa.. iskk.. last2 dgr org nyanyi besday song kat luar.. missing us trapped in the room waiting for the trainer to release us.. aiyakkk.. x sempat laa nk tgk muka tergezuttt Adib tu.. iskk iskkkKak Nur, Maria (mother to be for the 2nd time), Fahrul and Kak Nonnie
Semua org dah 'Q' in line nak ambil makanan yg disediakan
Menu for the party.. Mee goreng, sandwich telur yg masin, kue sago & kek from Secret Recepi + Nescafe
Seperti biasa kami2 yg terlibat dlm aktiviti menambah ilmu a.k.a training ni akan diberi makanan PERCUMA.. saya ulang.. PERCUMA.. hehe. From Breakfast, Lunch to Tea time semuanya provided. Menunya ok2 laa.. tapi rasanya tetap sedap.. sampai ada laa kawan2 kami yg menambah for 2nd round punya intake. So kesimpulannya.. selain dpat menambah ilmu di dada.. dapat jugak menambah lemak2 yg sedia ada pada kami2 semua.. ngeh ngeh.
Oh yea.. training ni x abis lagi tau..! Sbb ada final session for reviewing our Project/Problem issue. Maknanya kami bukan balik dgn tgn kosong/ melenggang kangkung.. tapi balik dgn homework yg kena siap before 25th Aug 09. Rasa cam lama kan.. alaaa.. x lama pun.. iskk iskk

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