Thursday, March 26, 2009

Project Mgmt Workshop

I attended 2 days training session for Project Management Workshop which was held in house at Mahogany Room. Conducted by Global Advantage Consulting Sdn. Bhd. and presented/trained by Mr. Mani. Good knowledge gained, really appreciated not wasting my time.

Based on our excellent hearing, all of us (consists of 20 people) got it rite in searching for people having the same sounds of objects. So from the result we combined and formed a team named 'FastNet'. Our new team members (consists of 5) were me, Suria, Mages, Kak Yasmin and Abg Jalim. There were another 3 team members (our competitors), Bravissimo, Sagile & Golden Ring (all 3 managers were in this team).

To make it fun, the trainer gave us speciments money worth RM5, RM10 or RM50 for any correct answers, creative ideas, good questions and etc. The higher amount of money collected by each team will determine the total winner at the end of our 2 days training session.

I learned few project mgmt terms which I found useful to apply in my project plan such as PMBOK, SMART, PERT, WBS and etc. Some factors that we should focus are the driver for each project, scope of project, few types of scheduling techniques, resources planning, communication management, monitoring and controlling activities.

There were also some fun activities prepared just to wake us up from screen saver mode. He gave us IQ test which was really interesting and cute, but I didn't hit them rite, in fact almost all in the team didn't get them rite.

But we really excited with the final activities to solve a case of a mother with 2 daughters, a father with 2 sons and a police with a thief, all together need to find a way to cross a river full with crocodilles using a boat which only can bring 2people at a time. Quite challenging, but using our 9heads (combined with Bravissimo team members) to find ideas/solutions was not that hard.

We managed to solved the case 1st, and finally 'FastNet' was the total winning team.. yeay..!! The best parts is we were only RM1 leading against the Golden Ring team, how lucky we were. So don't take it easy with money tho it just worth RM1.. hehehe

Me, so excited in this picture for our winning team - 'FastNet'
credit to G for taking this candid picture :p

**Successful Project Mgmt can be defined as having achieved the project objectives.. Harold Kerzner

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